Summer Practice Tips Graphic.png
Playing your instrument in the summer can be a lot of fun! Here are some ideas to get you started:
RepairsSummer is an ideal time to get your instrument repaired. Be sure all tuning slides move and pads are in good condition. Your instrument will be much easier to play if it is in good working order.Summer MaintenanceRemember to grease corks and slides and oil valves, EVEN if your instrument is going to sit in its case for a while! If you forget, valves seize up and corks break when you play your instrument again, costing money for repairs.
Always swab out your instrument - especially in the summer! Pads on flutes, oboes, clarinets and saxophones will deteriorate quickly if moisture is left inside the instrument, making it very difficult to play.AccessoriesDo you have enough reeds, tuning slide or cork grease, valve oil, swabs, etc. to keep your instrument in good working order? If not, now is the time to stock up on necessary supplies.
Play, Play, Play!CDs that come with your Method Book can be played in CD, DVD and computers. It is fun to play along with it as it provide you with your own back up band!

Compose your own pieces. You can download your own manuscript paper (music staff paper) here.

Listen to recordings of people that play your instrument. Not only can you hear lots of music on-line, but don't forget our local libraries. They are a great resource and have LOTS of CDs to listen to.

Have Fun! Play tunes that you like / get together with friends and play duets and trios. Record yourselves using the recording program on the TOOLS page of this website.