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All Specialists at EES have implemented PUZZLE POINTS into their classrooms as a means of providing a consistent and supportive learning environment.
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Participation and Effort
Trying our best even when the activity is challenging. There will be days when mastering a specific skill may be more difficult than others. Realizing that is OK and persevering will result in great successes.
Kindness and Cooperation
Working together and using kind, supportive words and actions at all times is a necessary part of any class or performing group. A safe environment in which it is OK to make mistakes and try again is what we do every day!
Listening and Following Directions
Students should follow all classroom expectations and directives.Prepared to LearnStudents should come to music ready to be an active learner. They should have their instruments and music for their lessons and rehearsals. In addition, instrumental lesson students are asked to practice 100 minutes per week and fill out a Practice Journal to be signed by a parent on a weekly basis. The skills to be a successful musician are mastered over time and cannot be completed in a last-minute attempt.
In Music, we support the EES School Promise, which states:
I promise today to be responsible, respectful, prepared, safe and kind.

All of our actions and words while in music should fit into our EES School Promise. We work to remember that our words are kind and respectful and our actions are responsible, respectful and safe at all times. In this way we can have a safe and productive learning environment for all members of our school community.